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the must-have travel accessory!

I want to dedicate today's entry about the most underrated accessory for jet-setters out there.

Drum-roll please...


You're thinking, why do I need to have another wallet-thing-a-majig?

When traveling, you're more than likely to have your hands full, holding a bag or mostly likely your phone. The last thing you want to be looking for are travel documents.

The solution is a stylish passport holder. It will fit your boarding pass/visa on one side while your passport is tucked away securely on the other side. Simply hand this wallet over to the customs/airport personnel and place it neatly back in your bag. No fishing around necessary.

We offer it in 2 colors. First up is a sleek black, top-grain leather passport holder with a soft, supple hand yet sturdy enough to withstand wear & tear. The second option is a buttery, vegetable dyed, top-grain passport holder in a beautiful rustic wine color.

We're offering 20% off until Father's Day. Simply enter VACATION when you check out.

It's a small investment to keep you sane while traveling. Or, simply gift someone you love wishing them safe travels on his/her next trip!


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