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Jessica - vegan leather poncho

The hides that we source in order to manufacture leather jackets are not from animals that are considered exotic or endangered. Our jackets are crafted from lambskin and cowhide. These hides are by-products of the animal meat that is consumed globally.

With that said, we had a few customers request a vegan option in a silhouette that would flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Thus JESSICA was created!

Think of silky, vegan leather strips sewn individually on a lightweight, high-quality jersey fabric. The individual sewn strips makes this piece completely breathable and wearable indoors. With a drape that falls perfectly, JESSICA will keep you warm as well.

She is perfect for travelling. Take JESSICA along on vacation. She packs in to a suitcase like a dream without wrinkles and can even serve as a rain-poncho on those unexpected drizzly days.

Wear it with jeans and a turtleneck on a crisp fall day. Or, dress it up with leggings and pair of thigh-high boots for a night on the town. You also have an option to belt it and wear it as a tunic. Fun, functional and versatile, what more can you ask for in a poncho?

It's a beautiful piece that will take your outfit to the next level. Gift a loved one who's guaranteed to look fabulous in it!


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