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leather & care

We strive to choose full grain leathers in creating our collection. Full grain leather simply refers to the ‘top layer’ of a hide.  It is the strongest part of the hide and gives leather its distinctive texture and grain. Marks accumulate on the hide over an animal's lifetime and in no way should be considered defects. Would you consider freckles on your skin to be a defect? Absolutely not. Likewise, these marks are natural and make each piece of leather unique in its very own way.

Care and storage of leather will allow it to wear in beautifully with use. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, excess humidity, and plastic bags when storing.  If your item does get wet, we recommend drying flat away from direct source of heat.  If choosing to use a leather care product, we suggest testing on a small area prior to using, as each formulation is different and can harm the finish of the hide. Please do not use household products on leather.

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